Go-Time Aviation

Thinking about purchasing a new aircraft? Don’t know where to start? Wondering why you need Go Time Aviation to assist you?

At Go Time Aviation, we aren’t just aircraft brokers. We are experienced pilots, mechanics and acquisition experts who understand the ins and outs of the aircraft world and will keep your best interest at the forefront with every turn. We want to build a lasting relationship with you long after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Let Go Time make your acquisition as smooth as possible. We will sit down with you and discuss your desires. From there, we will extensively comb the market including on-market and off-market options to find the right aircraft to suit you. Our experienced staff will, then, present recommendations to you based upon a variety of factors. We can provide financial analysis on the different aircraft options, such as hourly and annual operating costs. Our experienced professionals will give you a realistic market value on the different aircraft. Our extensive research will also give you perspective on how your aircraft will hold its value over the coming years.

Once the right aircraft has been chosen, our critical work begins. We will facilitate every step in the process of aircraft acquisition with you. Our team aircraft experts will start the crucial tasks of reviewing the aircraft’s history, including analyzing maintenance logs, flight logs and previous ownerships, as well as recognizing any potential title issues. 

Our skilled negotiators will make sure to get you a fair and reasonable price during initial purchase negotiations. We will schedule the pre-purchase inspection at a reputable facility. We will review the aircraft’s engine and avionics programs as well as scheduled maintenance programs and any applicable warranties. We scour all documents and are able to locate discrepancies and will be alerted to any red flags associated with the aircraft. All of these factors will go in to the next round of discrepancy rectification negotiations and the final contracting. We will assist with title transfer, registration and closing.

In the end, all we care about is making sure you are happy with your new aircraft knowing we will have a relationship for years to come.